Go-Kart Trip!

Some of my Office colleagues made up a plan to visit Kashid Beach this weekend (12th & 13th March). In the beginning everyone agreed upon it, everyone were excited about it. I was too, but I somehow din’t want to be a part of it this time due to financial reasons. I have a plan to visit Goa next month (even though yet unsure), wanted to be sure that my plan to visit Goa should not be hampered for some financial reasons. So, there’s kind of some desperation in me to visit Goa. Now, due to some people backing off at the end, out Kashid Beach plan also got cancelled.

So, here it is, at the end, three of us, Gaurav, Manoj and Me were ready for a plan, were up for it, were charged up to have a good fun-filled weekend…and this urge in us to roam around made us go ahead for the plan to go for some Go-Kart action at Powai, Mumbai. This is one place where we have wanted to go, have a thrilling go-karting race since few months, but was always neglected. We thought of meeting there at 3 PM. Here the fun starts, nothing, absolutely nothing went right, except those 10 laps in the Go-Kart.

I was busy chatting with my friend, exploring some blogging options, Facebook-ing, etc, and all of this made me leave my house a little later than when I would have wanted to. I left at 2 PM. As I walking towards the Bus Stop, I see the ONLY bus going towards Powai pass-by. And yes, the intervals between two buses usually range from between 20-30 mins. So, my bad luck, I missed it, and was prepared to just wait for the bus with the hope that it would turn up in the next 20 mins. But the bad luck doesn’t stop… I ended up waiting for almost 45 mins for the bus under the scorching heat of Mumbai at around 2 30 PM.

Reached Powai at 3 30, thanks to very little traffic, just to know that Manoj is yet on his way and is not going to reach before 3 45 PM. And Gaurav is not answering. I think of buying some water, or Coke, but none of it is available nearby, if I wanted, I would have to walk for at-least 10 mins and then come back, which I definitely didn’t want to do. So, I did wait until her arrived. He was equally tired because he had played Cricket in the morning and then he too did struggle to reach Powai by bus. We then walked upto the Go-Kart area, which was further 15 mins walk from the main road, registered our names and were told that we would have to wait for one and half hours for our turn. We had some drinks and Sandwiches. Gaurav told us he was in a bike with his friend and would reach in the next 20 mins or so. After 30 mins he says, he’s in a car and would reach in some time. After further 15 mins, he says, his shoe sole has teared apart in an Auto-Rickshaw.

We had to move out to pick him-up, search for a Fevi-Quick to just temporarily fix his shoes, so that he could drive well. It was almost some sort of dis-appointment until now, we finally reached the time when our turn arrived. Made up my mind, gained all the excitement back again by looking at others drive past and eagerly awaiting my turn next. All set, it was 10 laps flat. Even though there was no lap time count that day unfortunately, I am pretty sure I surpassed my personal best a several times in those 10 laps. As soon as I finished those 10 laps, and got out of the kart (din’t really want to), felt some dizzyness, my head was roaming and still driving. During those 10 laps I had lost all other thoughts, nothing in my mind except for driving as fast as possible, as precisely as possible. Feel like a Dream come True.

The feeling that “It was all worth it” after the drive made my day. And hence, In-spite of all the wrong incidents throughout the day, it was still a fun-filled, adventurous day. On the other hand, if the end was bad, I would have blamed all of those incidents for my bad day!

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