Value of Life!

This is my first post. I have been looking forward to start my blog since quite sometime, but I was lazy. This was something that hit me hard and hence I felt the need to write about this incident.

Its about expressing my view point on the case that was on newspaper today morning. It was something that did pinch many of us. Its about the shocking story in which a mother first kills her children followed by a suicide on her 11th Anniversary date and also International Women’s Day!

Here is the link for some more info–> Times Of India Link

I first heard a women expressing her sadness out of the news on Twitter. Her tweets made me ask her what really happened? (Until that time I was unaware of the news). She told me that a women committed suicide with her two kids, and its on Mumbai Mirror’s front page. I was on mobile at that time, and hence could not resist but visit the mobile site of Mumbai Mirror. Again since it was a Mobile site only brief gist of information was really available there. The immediate feeling that flowed into me at that moment was anger, Anger for the women who killer her kids and later committed another crime of killing herself.(Yes, its a crime). Expressed that on twitter too, saying I have no sympathy for such people who don’t value life.

Later, it was all over, but could not really stop thinking about the incident. The question, how could a mother be so cruel to her kids, be so emotion less and commit such a crime? How could someone just throw their kids from a 19 story tower? How can someone gain enough strength to then jump down the 19 story tower?

This made me go to the news website again and read the complete news article. Well, I thought there would be more information shared there, but not much was really there. The Police are clueless, there is no word from her husband, neighbors were equally shocked, and just one note from the Mother which said, no one should be blamed for the mess.

When I later thought about the whole event, what comes to my mind is, most of the times the news that we hear of a suicide, reason being anything apart from it being a monitory one,  is of a female. While majority suicides related to monitory reasons is of a male. Why is that so? Are females really being dominated to that extent that they are left with no other option? Or is it that males do somehow have the strength to take in the emotional stress, while females don’t.  Well, nothing really justifies a suicide, but yes, we do need to know the reasons why such incidents really occur and hence take some steps to curb such incidents in future.

This made me re-collect another similar incident that occurred a few months back in Malaysia. They were Indians and were in Malaysia for some work related reasons. A young couple had an abnormal child. They first killed their child, followed by killing themselves. No one really knows what the real reason was, probably must have been something to do with the child. This by no means justifies the act. Its just that some people lose their mental stability and react in a way in which they shouldn’t.

Well, today I write this out, because if it reaches someone who is under some real mental trauma/stress/tension/depression, please please don’t take such a step. Go ahead think practical, there are many people in your life who will be affected by this. Rather, talk out the issue, try to sort it out, and if you cant, go to a counselor, seek a professional help. If nothing works, there is a bad phase that everyone goes through, just let it pass. But this is not acceptable. It would do no good to anyone. I would also advice you’ll to watch this movie (umm.. watching a movie? that’s all you have?). Well this movie (Its A Wonderful Life[1946]). Yes, a 1946 movie, but once you watch this movie, you really feel relaxed and understand the true value of life. It gives you a visual experience of what this world would have been if you never existed, every little action, no matter how small makes a big difference in the continous evolving world. Watch the movie, go to a Counsellor, try Yoga! All these things would help. Spread smiles… Live happily… Make this world a better place to live.

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5 thoughts on “Value of Life!

  1. Rishi Talreja March 13, 2011 at 12:15 PM Reply

    And if someone does decide to commit a suicide, at least leave a note. Why don’t people write!

    • Rahul April 28, 2011 at 4:51 PM Reply

      If someone decides to commit suicide , ask them to speak to me once , they might reconsider their decision 😛

      • Mohit Shroff April 28, 2011 at 10:35 PM

        lol.. ban jaa psychiatrist … 😉

  2. Vishwa August 31, 2011 at 10:11 AM Reply

    Heart touching. Nicely Written!!

    • Mohit August 31, 2011 at 5:47 PM Reply

      Thanks! I yet hope it helps people realize the Value Of Life!

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