Japan Impact on Me!

It was a Friday, and yes the so-called TGIF! feeling was within all of us working at our Office. We had some  extra work that day… so sort of an usual day for us too. I am a  person who does check my mails, facebook, twitter, news at a regular basis in-spite of  being at work. But that day due to the extra work that we had, I didn’t really get the time to even log into all these things. Late in the afternoon a colleague come and says with shock … Hey, did you’ll check the news? There’s an earthquake thats occurred in Japan. Now, until then I was like .. big deal.. Japan is used to this and they have Earthquake prone buildings, etc. Then he adds.. its an Earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter Scale. And then.. we were .. “Hmm.. ” He further adds, After the Earthquake, its a Tsunami thats hit Japan Coastline, its ripped apart an Airport there. And this is when I feel the shock! .. “What the hell?” .. He says, Check the Video!

Now, though we did continue with our work, but I was constantly thinking about this and just wanted to leave it and check the news. Nevertheless,  I had to  finish off my work which took another hour or two more. While another colleague sitting besides me, did load some Videos on his comp and I did manage to just have a glimpse of those initial videos. It was Terrific! I was speechless! This is one of the first videos that I came across.

Anyways, later as soon as work was over, I headed straight to Times Of India website and started reading news. By then the death toll had already reached 50+ and everyone knew, this figure is going to rise rapidly to is to reach a big number. I reached back home, and my Mother was watching news instead of her daily sops .. She asked me if you are aware of this incident. Wanted to tell me all the news that she’s heard of since morning all in a second. Somehow that day was over, by later just watching a few more videos(thanks to friends updating them on Facebook).

Next day was a Saturday, a weekend off, and we few friends had planned to visit Powai for some Go-Karting action. I did manage to read latest news about Japan almost at an hourly basis almost. Left my house in the afternoon… And within minutes… one of my friend tells me that about the latest news when the first blast at a Nuclear Reactor took place. This is when I started to worry about the Nuclear catastrophe that we layman don’t really understand. The first thing that came to my mind was the Hiroshima, Nagasaki blast. I later that day read about it, and did get an idea of how it would do harm to humans. Even though not a Nuclear Blast, it’s definitely something that can create a lot of trouble for a long time. I remember how I got into the thought of how good Japanese people are… and why do all sorts of bad things happen with good people. Ok, by “good”, I meant … how wonderfully have they managed to get out of the Nuclear blast catastrophe.. Their stories about how hardworking they are, is something that most of us have heard. They innovations in technology, their management methodologies, thats widely used by various successful companies, all of it. And I think above all, I don’t remember hearing any news about them being involved in some war, international politics, etc. Feels like as if they are on their own.

Since that day until today, I have been following all the latest news about the Nuclear Reactors and have been praying everyday that it ends soon. I can only imagine such a situation… How hard it must be for them to go through the cold, snow, hunger and fight back to start again. Every-time I hear a story about some person who’s survived and passed through the various difficulties, I am speechless.

The news that I hear/read daily just makes me wonder what next? What if this situation arises here? Why am I so helpless? Can’t we do anything for all those people there except for praying? This is not done.


2 thoughts on “Japan Impact on Me!

  1. Insanewanderer March 19, 2011 at 6:01 PM Reply

    Badhiya sirji 🙂

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