Baba Ramdev – My thoughts about him and his movement

Here is Baba Ramdev, a human being, an Indian Citizen, one of us… trying to change the dirty, polluted system. He is on a fast, against corruption. The corruption in India is a super popular thing all across the globe, especially with the inclusions of the recent scams namely the 2G scam, CWG Scam. Its a well known fact that India as a LOT of money, all hidden in Swiss banks. Its said that the total accumulated money in the Swiss banks from Indians, is s high that if its brought back to India, India can be counted as one of the richest nations in the world. Ok, now this is Baba Ramdev’s main demand that the government is not ready to listen to… declare all the black money outside India(the one’s mentioned above) and use it for the development and growth of India.

This is his demand, that he mentions on TV to the public. I wont deny the fact that today, there are very very few men who would actually stand up for something selflessly. And this is true for many, including me… including you. I am one of those who almost always WANT to go ahead and do something for the betterment of the society, be it helping the poor, creating awareness for cleanliness, education, health, etc. But, still at the end of the day, my want is not enough. I would not leave my work and start doing things selflessly. I would probably not even leave some hangout with friends for this. And again this is true for almost all of us. Now, here is someone who may be having his own motives behind this, may be just get a majority entrance into politics straight away. This can be really big for him, but hey who cares? As far as his entrance into politics (which may be good or bad) is helping is getting back this all so important black money… which you know can help almost eradicate poverty in India why not support him NOW atleast.

I see people joking around, making fun of him.. just because he is a Baba (a person who dresses like a saint and not one of us) who teaches Yoga… and has a good amount of follower’s for his Yoga preaching worldwide. He has been into some controversy’s lately… some serious controversy’s, but as I said no one is as 100% clean today. He atleast had the power to collect thousands together to support him for the cause. This is not easy. I wouldn’t expect any good from the government employees, but the common man? The people on Twitter, most of them busy creating all sorts of jokes out of this whole fiasco. I see jokes coming up even when this Ramdev is hospitalized for his health worsening after 7 days of fast. He is a Yoga Guru, he claims to live upto 40 days without food with the help of Yoga. But this is when he is free of mental stress, is lying all alone in some Himalayan region doing only Yoga. He has been giving speeches throughout, he had to withstand the cruelty of the government (you know the 4th June black night). He is the leader of a social movement and thousands look upto him for this.. there’s lots of responsibility on his head. You can’t expect a 40 day fast from a person under such circumstances. Majorly, those on twitter who are good at joking around for such things too are from rich classes of India, who are not much affected by corruption, either because they are themselves deeply into it, or coz they have a lot of money not to let it bother them. But think twice, majority India is not them, and the change only happens when these minority rich people want some change to happen, it wont happen if the majority Indians want.

He’s made a few mistakes even while the movement was on, and hence what Anna Hazare said is pretty true – “He is not mature enough to lead a social movement yet” .. But does that mean we should let him die out of hunger? He is not demanding something that would harm the society. If the government for some external reason cannot go ahead with it, atleast show some concern about him, try and negotiate continuously with him until he breaks his fast. You can’t just leave him fasting and die no matter what. at one end you actually feed a person (Kasab) who is the face of terror today in India with his 26/11 acts. On the other, a person who has some legitimate demands for the good of the nation is just left aside to die. This is not even human.

4 thoughts on “Baba Ramdev – My thoughts about him and his movement

  1. Vishakh Narendran June 11, 2011 at 10:11 AM Reply

    You always wrote or is it something that you have recently started?
    Anyways.. good post continue writing ? it feels nice read something which is not paid for 😛

    • Mohit Shroff June 11, 2011 at 11:14 AM Reply

      I do write but very rarely though… most of the times its my emotions that tell me to go ahead write down and hope that it makes a difference to a few atleast.

  2. Roshan June 11, 2011 at 11:20 AM Reply

    Well, what you have pointed out is very true and very much damm neat. However, our friend here, Baba, is a very good friend of the RSA cheif. Is there a hidden agenda behind what he is doing, well I really don’t know. I would support him only to an extent, not more than that. I would really prefer all of us stopping corruption in our own way rather than, coming out and standing up and blaming the govt. Let’s face it, if someone gives me 1 lakh on platter, I would not leave it, would you??

    • Mohit Shroff June 11, 2011 at 11:25 AM Reply

      Yup, I have already mentioned it, he may have his own motives behind it, but still I would support him as of now.
      And as far as your question is concerned. From where did that someone get 1 Lakh to pay you? The root is right up there… its needs to stop there.
      And I know realistically its impossible to STOP corruption, but steps should be continuously be taken to curb it down is what I believe.. This is one of those steps.

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