Faith – How much is just Enough?

How important is God really to we humans? Where does he stand in our lives? Should the faith really be blind? There are so many similar questions running through my mind… Well, because I have witnessed many strange incidents from people who I know so well, who are all so practical and successful in life. And this is not the first time this thought has come across my mind… Its come ‘N’ number of times and till date these questions remain unanswered.

I must admit, I have never read the great holy books like “Geeta” or “Quran” or “Bible”, but I have read a lot many other philosophical articles, I have heard preachings from some great saints, I have heard from my friends and family who have faith in God, about the importance of God, about the things mentioned in those books. And to be frank, I have loved to gain all that knowledge from them, and hence, without reading these books I can say, they are wonderful. Here it is, I am not an Atheist. I wont say that I dont beleive that God exists. Infact I would go ahead to say that I have always agreed to and enjoyed listening to my friends and family about God, reading articles. And out of all the things that I have heard, the thing that really makes a huge impact on my mind, the thing that I believe in is “Karma“.

Karma is such a beautiful, simple and yet a strong ideology. Karma is the universal principle of cause and effect. Our actions, both good and bad, come back to us in the future. Hence, for good things to come back to you, do as much as right as possible. The immediate question would be “How do you decides whats right and whats not?” To me, the answer is very simple and straight forward. I believe in God, and the reason I believe is the feeling that there must be someone who’s created this beautiful world, who’s created life. The next thing thats pretty obvious is that, since he’s done this, he is definitely very very powerful and doesn’t require anything from us. So, if at all we want to do something to thank him, the best thing would be to Value whatever he’s given us. Value your body – Take good care of it, Value Humanity – spread happiness, Value your loved ones – Respect their care, Value you brain – use it the right way, value your surroundings – Take care of the environment. These  are just a few examples of how you could pay respect to him, Thank him for what he’s given us.

Consider an example, you doing something like buying a cycle for your 5 year old kid. Now, you 5 year old kid is not really capable of doing anything that could do a lot for you, the reason being you are much more powerful than him. But what is that you would expect from your kid? Just that he values your gift, uses the cycle gifted by you in the best possible way. Isn’t it?

I have seen many people, including many well educated people, many who are now even at some Managerial level in some company, are highly successful people.. having blind faith in God. Having faith is different and having blind faith is different. A person who just says thanks and tries following the right path to life is the person who has faith in God, while the person who end up doing silly things like, fasting in-spite of them being ill, getting into practices like Bali, Sati, etc. The people who differentiate human race just because he/she is if a different caste… Politicians using people’s sentiments to create riots and gain votes. All these things are eventually a part of people who have blind faith in God. Either they are the ones who start it, or they are the ones involved in it, or many a times they are the victims themselves. He’s never told you to harm yourself or anyone to please him. As I said earlier, God’s given you brains, use it in the right way. The sad part is, that majority fall under the Blind faith category, which is what hurts me.

This post by me is my part in trying to make this world a better place to live in, trying to change the mindset amongst people. There’s no point in visiting more number of temples/mosques/churches etc until and unless you think right, and most importantly do right.

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7 thoughts on “Faith – How much is just Enough?

  1. Aish July 10, 2011 at 4:10 PM Reply

    This is a nice post. I agree with the Karma theory too. ‘ What goes around comes back around’ 🙂

  2. Aishwarya August 27, 2011 at 8:43 PM Reply

    I love you a LOT more after reading this. In fact i admire the way you think 😛 Karma is something, i firmly believe in too 🙂 What goes around, comes back around:P

    • Mohit August 27, 2011 at 9:59 PM Reply

      Haha, what was that? You read it for the 2nd time and commented for the second time? 😀 Hehe… Thank You! 😛

  3. Aishwarya August 28, 2011 at 11:01 PM Reply

    I never realized that. I love that song. Strange i thought the same things both the time:))

  4. Divya December 26, 2011 at 10:38 PM Reply

    Your thoughts are really nice and inspiring.

    I have read couple of your post and i have to say, Thanks for sharing and keep inspiring us by your magical spark.

    • Mohit December 26, 2011 at 11:19 PM Reply

      Thanks! 🙂

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