List of “Must Have” Android Apps! (Part 1)

It’s been a month or two since I bought my first Android – HTC Desire S

Its a lovely phone. I am absolutely enjoying the Android Experience, especially since I have been waiting for it since a long time. So here it is, after playing around with plenty of apps since the day I bought it, I have come down to a list of apps, that I believe everyone should install on their Android Phones to make it more useful, more enjoyable. These are my personal favorites. As of now I’ll just add a very short description for each app. Explore it on your own, you wont regret.

  • FriendCaster

This one is a purely Facebook app. Looks pretty much similar to the Official Facebook App, but supports a lot more features. The most noticeable features to me include Notifications for each and every like, comment, etc. Ability to ‘like’ comments. Faster retrieving of News Feed. The thing it misses is Facebook Chat Support, but its in their line of future changes, so expect that soon. It has a free version(with Ads) and a Paid Version. The features for both remain the same, except for the paid version being Ad-Free.

Download Here –> FriendCaster Free

  • Twicca

A Twitter App for Android. I had to go through atleast three to four Twitter Apps for Android before I finalized on this one. The noticeable features Plug-In support, which enables you to do more with your App, eg. Upload via twitpic/yfrog, Add “nowplaying” tracks as your Twitter update with one click via PowerAMP Music Player, Draft Updates & more. This is a completely free app, no ads. But do Donate if you can and if you like their work.

Download Here –> Twicca

  • PowerAMP Music Player

Almost every Blog today you read for suggestions for a Music Player for Android, and you will hear this app there too. It has everything in it, gets Album Art, very easy to use, pretty neat and clean interface and not to forget a great Equalizer support. The only catch being, only Trial Version(15 days) is available for free. Then you need to buy it. The trick to not buy it is simple too. Just uninstall, restart your phone and re-install, trial period starts again.

Download Here –> PowerAMP Music Player (Trial)

  • VPlayer Pro

Most Android Phones do not support built-in DivX codec support for Video Playback, and the ones that do, also usually have a limited support. Hence the need for a Video Player that does the job in the best possible way, VPlayer Pro. Its completely free, and supports almost every codec. I haven’t come across a file that it could not play yet. Best part, does not lag while playing, pretty good in using the memory and battery during video playback.

Download Here –> VPayer Pro

  • Whatsapp Messenger

This is the BBM for Android, thats what most people say. I would go ahead and say its much more than that and simply because of its Cross-Platform support. Supports BlackBerry, Android, IPhone and some Nokia’s too. Some of its wonderful features include Push Notifications, Group Chat, Easy Sharing of content, integration with your PhoneBook. It does all of this very smoothly, using very little memory in the background. Its free for a year and later $1.99/year.

Download Here –> Whatsapp Messenger

  • Google Plus

This is the Official app for the new upcoming Social Network by Google – Google+. Since this is pretty new, and only a few have a Google Plus account yet, I would definitely recomennd it only for Google Plus users. The best feature is the Push Notifications feature to me, and yes, it does almost everything that the web part of Google+ does easily and efficiently. This is completely free too.

Download Here –> Google+

That’s it for now. Will come up with a few more apps soon. Hope you liked them.

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