List of “Must Have” Android Apps! (Part 2)

The list continues… here in my Part 2 of “Must Have” Android Apps. Won’t really write too much and move straight to the list. Here we go :

  • Simi Clock Widget

HTC Sense is known for its awesome Weather Widgets, and not with the new line up of HTC phones, they even have awesome clocks in-built. But, me being a HTC user preferred this one. It’s a clock, weather & battery widget all in one, with one click to any app(s) you want. You can customize every single thing on this widget, works like a charm. It looks beautiful, if you customize it well and choose the right wallpaper with it. It’s an absolute must have for me. Its Free!

Download Here –> Simi Clock Widget


  • Pulse Reader

If you are a RSS fan, or a Google Reader Fan, This is a the best News Reader for Android I have yet seen. Manages your data usage very well. Looks fantastic. Integrates with Google Reader. Set priorities to your RSS feeds. Notifications. It has everything you would want in a News Reader. Its Free.

Download Here –> Pulse Reader


  • ES File Explorer

You have an Android Phone, you are bound to do a lot of file transfers from you PC to Phone and vice-versa. Many-a-times it would be within the phone itself, from one directory to another. Transfers from phone to phone, the traditional Bluetooth Transfers. And now it even has DropBox support, access your files on DropBox right from your phone via the app. The interface is very simple. A couple of easy steps to connect your PC to Phone using FTP via Wi-Fi Connection. It’s a must have for me. I have never used a USB cable since the time I have been using this app. Its Free!

Download Here –> ES File Explorer


  • SkyFire

If its an Android Phone you are bound to do a lot of Internet Surfing on your phone. I must agree, the stock Android Browser itself is amazing too. Somehow, something somewhere is missing. And this Browser just delivers the right experience to me for browsing. It’s quick, powerful, feature-rich and Free. Love the way it integrates Social Networking into your browser and is always just one tap away anytime you want to access it. Try this one out yourself.

Download Here –> Sky Fire


  • imo Instant Messenger

We have GTalk installed on every Android Phone. So if you only use Google Chat, then no need to go anywhere else, that is the best one. But if you want to have Facebook Chat, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, MSN (eh!) support too, obviously with Google Chat, then this is the alternative. It’s as simple to use as is the GTalk Messenger. All you need to do is sign-in into all of the desired services and it remembers them for the next time you login. There are a number of apps that do the same, but this is very light weight, hence extremely good on memory and data usage too.

Download Here –> imo Instant Messenger

I still have a couple of apps to share about and there’s always new one’s coming up. So watch this space for more.


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