Some Questions Answered – Anna Movement

Disclaimer : What I say here is not what Anna says, these are my personal views.

I am just a commoner here, and felt I should share the knowledge that I have and answer a few questions for those who feel the movement is not a good one, un-necessary, or may be are just against it. Some are dis-interested. These are some thoughts/questions I came over when I was tweeting ‘for’ the support of the movement, and had to counter some arguments/questions from many not supporting it.


  • I support the movement, but I feel the process that Anna is following is not correct.

Firstly, Anna is fighting for the ‘good’ of the nation and his intentions are very clear and I don’t think there will be anyone out here saying he has his own selfish motives or something like that. Secondly, if you look at his past, he has been involved in many such movements in a small scale though. He has enough experience, much more than we people on how to go about with such movement. He has gained a lot of success and done good for his village, also for RTI Act which we all appreciate. Also, if you follow the past, by past I mean recent past related to the current issue, they did try all the possible ways to get to the consensus, get the Bill passed in a right way. Not only were they not heard, but they were cheated, by getting only the draft bill prepared by the government and not their draft into the Parliament. He was forced to take a path that could be a little harsh, but it was necessary. And even with all that he didn’t go against the rules. May be he did mend it, but for the good.


  • This is against Democracy and you are blackmailing the Government

Well, this has been partially covered in the above answer itself. To add to the above answer, this is definitely not agaianst the rules, may be mending of rules. This is not even blackmailing. It’s a huge support for the Jan Lokpal Bill and not the Government’s version of the Bill. Hence, if this is being said that you are not even allowed to protest, I say, it’s the government blackmailing each and every citizen that you can’t challenge what we pass, what we think. That is not Democracy. We have the right to be a part of making laws, amending them, challenging them.


  • Corruption needs to handled in a different way, A new committee means more corruption.

I must admit, this is one argument that made me think and made me agree to it to a great extent. Yes, a new Committee would open the grounds of corruption furthermore, IF the Lokpal Committee is corrupted. The chances of this happening is a lot less, I don’t say NO but less.. especially when Jan Lokpal will be an Independent body. It will be integrated with an independent CBI. Hence the chances of Government/Politicians ruling over the working of the Committee will be less. Nevertheless, we must ensure that the Selection process for the members to be a part of the Committee should be strict and fair. It has to be well defined. And this is also a part of the Jan Lokpal.


  • You do anything, nothing is going to change until we as citizens ourself stop giving bribe.

This thought if comes from someone who is not into economics is understandable. But when it comes from a person who is well versed with the working of finances, am speechless. A common service man can be advised not to pay bribe for small issues like fine to a Ticket collector, fine for breaking signals, bribe to get your Licences, Ration Card, etc faster. Well, yes, we can stop that, but it’s easier said than done. You want to buy a home, you ‘Have’ to pay the Black amount, you want to start a Business, a manufacturing unit, you ‘Have’ to pay bribe to various officers to get each and every license. You want to talk to get your IT refund, you ‘Have’ to pay the bribe to them for your own money. The one’s I mentioned earlier were small patches of money, while the ‘have to’ one’s comprise of the large sum of money. And that is more important to be stopped.

Moving ahead, all of it, be it the small amount of bribe for getting your licences or huge amount of bribe which business people pay are all at the end inter linked. It’s all a circle, which leads straight to the highest authority. From here do these Business people recover the bribe they pay? From us, but adding it into the MRP of the product they sell. You can’t stop buying every little thing. Right? Hence for all the Raja Scam, Kalmadi Scam, we are the one’s who’s paid them that money.

Enough Said. Getting the right reforms, right sets of economic strategies, transparent one’s is the need of the hour. And Jan Lokpal is just a way to monitor all the expenditure, track it to the core, and then take the appropriate actions against the root cause of it. Stop the Corruption from it’s root.

No, bill is ever going to be fool proof, amendments will be required all the time. Even after it’s passed. that doesn’t mean we don’t support a person who stood for us, when all we did was lived with it saying “Yeh system kabhi badlega nahi. Kuch nahi hoga” and things like that.

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5 thoughts on “Some Questions Answered – Anna Movement

  1. Ankita Sharma August 24, 2011 at 4:54 PM Reply

    food for thought,must say 🙂 & a nice read

    • Mohit August 24, 2011 at 7:01 PM Reply

      Thank You! 🙂

  2. aspirantentrepreneur August 24, 2011 at 8:16 PM Reply

    Talking about Anna Ji’s past, we can’t forget the fact that he was a part of Indian Military Services so he actually has “served” his nation since his days of being a youth. He has brought education, removed untouchability, started “Grain bank” in his village, pressed on milk production, brought education, campaigned against liquor from food grains, so on and so forth, in addition to the activities that you already mentioned.
    We’re the second most populated country, but NO ONE stood against such a grave cause before, then how can we criticize a person who is taking this kind of strong initiative? What has been our contribution all these years except for ranting or having grievances? He is doing it for the betterment of the country and its future, the least we could do is STOP talking negatively about him or the entire revolution and support the cause.
    You’ve chosen the perfect points and you’ve kept your views without being biased. A very good read and something to get inspired by. I hope the negativity stops after people read your blog :). Kudos!!

    • Mohit August 24, 2011 at 10:45 PM Reply

      Thanks for adding the details about the his past. I didn’t add it, thinking the post would move out of context then. This comment makes the post complete. 🙂

  3. aspirantentrepreneur August 25, 2011 at 11:23 AM Reply

    Anytime! 🙂

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