Requirement Analysis at First Sight!

Funny title to the post eh!

How does someone have a crush, or like someone, or choose his liking, etc. is something that we always wonder. In-fact, we ourselves are at times just confused and clueless as to why is Person A so special to me while Person B is not so special. Sometimes person B might be looking much better on paper, but you somehow feel for Person A, on what basis, is the question. Whenever you come across such kind of a question about yourself that you yourself cannot answer to directly, it’s time to take a pause, think deep, analyze each and every minute details and find the answer to it. Don’t move forward unless you’ve done that.

Coming to the point of “On What Basis?” … I strongly believe that we all have our requirements laid down involuntarily in our head, the minimum requirements that just have to be fulfilled for a person to stand a chance to be that special person for you. The requirements could be anything, which could depend on looks, personality, stature, career, stability, security, dreams. And each one of the mentioned attributes could be elaborated in countless different ways by each one of us. You’ll never want just one of the above qualities, you’d actually be very specific in your head about the whole package. When am talking about the package it means some details about looks, some details about personality and so on… And these details are bound to be very basic most often.

It won’t take more than a meet or very few meets to at-least be sure that the person fits your minimum requirements. Well, that is what we call love at first sight, when you feel your minimum requirements are met immediately. Once that happens, you may look at the person from a different perspective, always wanting to know more. You’d interact more to be sure if what you thought about in the beginning is true or not, if it’s true then until what extent. And finally, some day sooner or later you’d know if that person is indeed that special person to you or not.

It is not necessary that you will fit into the requirements of  the person that fits into your requirements. Secondly, these requirements change, change with the surroundings, your current state of Life, your past.
Wish, all those reading the post find or have already found the right person. 🙂

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