Book Review : License To Live by Priya Kumar

This is not just a book review.

The first book that I read of Priya Kumar is “I Am Another You”. That was a book that I bought when I was not a book reader, had no knowledge about books, didn’t ask anyone for any suggestions on which book to buy. I just went to the store, looked around and bought it. Fate, may be. It is a Life changing book for me. I read the book at the time when I really needed it. Since then, I have great respect for Priya Kumar and I owe her something definitely. Today, I completed reading “License To Live”, an inspirational thriller by Priya Kumar. In-spite of me not really in a needy position to read an inspirational book, I think it helped me a lot in discovering myself.

The story telling art of Priya Kumar is just awesome. With the story that she is narrating, it makes you want to look into yourself, understand yourself. And as the story moves forward you know more and more about yourself. It just doesn’t stop. While the author is on a learning mission, you learn with her. The biggest reason I recommend you to read this book is to discover yourself in a way you would have never imagined.

The final learning that I would take away from the book is very simple, let go the dark past, hold onto the past you would want to cherish, your future is in your hands and no one else, take responsibility of the present and stop the blame game. On reading this you would say that this is what most inspirational books say, this is what we all already know, but you really don’t understand the deeper meaning of the whole learning until you actually complete the mission. If you really wish to understand the deeper meaning, discover the real you, start fresh, it is a book you should not miss. In-spite of me giving the gist of the book out here, it will not at all lessen the enjoyment and learning factor of the book.

P.S.: I had a smile on my face throughout while writing this post.

Rating: 5/5

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