What Indians Want from the Government & Why

This post is with regards to the Delhi Protest that’s triggered after the ‘brutal’ gang rape of a 23 year old Indian Citizen in a bus that was freely roaming around in the streets of New Delhi. The nature of the crime is such that it did hurt each and every one of us concerned citizens of India deeply. Having said that, it isn’t the first time such incidents have occurred in India, and not the first time that such incidents have hurt our sentiments, but why the sudden outrage of people after this particular incident is what the Government Of India, in fact all politicians really need to understand. It really needs to connect with the people who have put them to power. Government is there in power for the people to make them feel safe, feel satisfied if not happy.

A common example, which best describes why that sudden outburst, is the fights that you see, witness in your own house, in your own Life. No one is perfect, no one expects everyone to be perfect. But there is always a threshold limit of the amount of wrong that you can tolerate. You may have various issues with your friend, but not argue and fight over every issue with him. But each time you face the issue, it sticks at the back of your mind. At some point, and that point usually is very random, when various issues are being tolerated together that the bubble bursts. You fight, you argue, and in that argument, the frustration and anger of the present issue which triggered the outburst plus the past issues all is seen at once. Hence this protest is not really just related to one rape case, but all rape cases, general freedom for all to roam around at any time, the inflation, the unemployment, the poverty, the corruption, and to top it all the attitude of the laid back, ignorant & rude Government.

Laid back, because when any protest or an issue reaches it’s peak, it’s at that time when the Government even bothers to start thinking towards addressing it, instead of an immediate action. It is then, when some top official bothers to just address the nation, giving false promises as usual.
Ignorant, because people are at a daily basis facing countless issues, inflation topping the chart for most Indians, but there is no issue that seems to take a downward turn. Not just that, we don’t see an effort by the Government to help resolve these issues. Instead we do see scams and more scams which are only worsening the already worsened economy, leading to more inflation.
Arrogant, because even if they are ignorant, people of India are reaching out to the Government, to know what is wrong, to sit together and help solve issues. If a wrong step is being taken a loud shout of NO is given by the people of India, or may be the opposition party, but the Government is not bothered, they yet do as per their will and wish. Biggest example here being bringing in FDI, the way GOI has handled various protests that’s happened since past few years.

What we are seeing until today is that this rape case is being given importance (which is good), but at the same time, it’s clearly visible that the attitude of GOI still remains laid back, ignorant & arrogant. This rape case seems to be given some special importance just for the sake of politics, to pacify the protesters. We yet do not see the change we want to see in the Government.

I write this article with a hope that, the message reaches the people who are part of the Government, to the people who may be a part of the Government at some point. Let this mistake not be repeated. It’s never too late.

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2 thoughts on “What Indians Want from the Government & Why

  1. Inner Soul Curry December 27, 2012 at 6:49 PM Reply

    Totally agree with most of the points. Not just the government, we even need to change the mindset of people in our society because it is better to prevent a disease than invent new medicines to cure it.

    • Mohit December 27, 2012 at 9:20 PM Reply

      True that. 🙂

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