Cinema Impact on Society/People

This is my personal opinion here. You may judge me by my opinion, but I feel I am just being practical and factual. I do feel that Bollywood/TV, in short Cinema, does make an impact on the people, on the common man and I’ll try and justify it below in short.

By saying that cinema does make an impact on people, I do not mean to say that movies like Satya, The Godfather will be the reason for underworld dons, I do not mean to say that item numbers like Chikni Chameli, are the reason for rapes. But, they do make an impact, a subtle one. They do influence the general attitude of people. They not just influence, but also showcase the general culture of the country as a whole to the world.

The whole reason why documentaries are made, is to spread knowledge, spread awareness to the masses of the various issues that are faced across the globe, to showcase historical knowledge. Even mainstream cinema movies like 3 Idiots, October Sky, A Beautiful Mind and so many more are known for the story they tell, for the end message they convey to the people. The end message makes a difference. When it comes to music, there is soulful music, there are some really great lyrical songs that motivate you, that make you smile, that make you cry. Why does that happen? Because it does make an impact.

The paragraph above states only the ‘good’ of cinema and music and anything good can be bad too, if it is not used well. I believe, it’s the end message that matters. Some places where things are bad, especially in Bollywood are the item numbers. Item numbers are included in almost every movie even when it’s not needed. Worst, the lyrics, the dance, the overall presentation that most item numbers put up is cheap. Again, it’s not the clothing, it the presentation that matters, it’s the end message that you pass that matters. The movies too today are rarely a showcase of art and knowledge, it’s more commercial. The directors today display cheapness in the name of bold cinema. This is just Bollywood, let’s talk about Bhojpuri cinema. I do not watch Bhojpuri films, but I have come across many posters of Bhojpuri films that are released, and to me they say a lot. The posters itself give me an impression that the movie is almost a porn movie. What kind of message do you think these movies pass on to the people?

I am one of those who is ready to accept nudity in cinema too, but only when it’s needed, only when it makes a difference to the direction of the movie. Similarly, item numbers too, only if it makes a difference, only if it holds some decent meaning. Movies released, TV serials, especially the reality shows, should pass through censor board, while the censor board should not follow typical rules that say slang words are not allowed or there is no nudity. Without nudity and typical slang words a lot bad can yet be shown. It’s just a matter of playing the game and twisting the rules. The censor board should rather take into account the end message that the TV Series/movies/songs are showcasing.

Many may argue that only those who take cinema seriously will be influenced by it, but almost everyone is influenced. Each one of us is bound to be influenced by where ever your weakness or strength lies. It is just human tendency. If someone is not brought up well, not taught how to value women, he is bound to be more influenced by watching item numbers where women is considered as a ‘thing to play with’, which in turn will lead to his already bad attitude getting a boost. That same item number may probably not affect a man who is taught well how to respect women, and most probably he won’t like that item number. Let cinema be a showcase of art plus useful true knowledge plus entertainment and not ‘just’ entertainment in the name of bold cinema.

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4 thoughts on “Cinema Impact on Society/People

  1. Viyoma December 31, 2012 at 1:08 PM Reply

    Agree with the most part of your post. Your efforts for being practical about Cinema and its responsibility is well appreciated. But we need to know, that Cinema is just one small part of the whole society. For those who get influenced by cinema – are open to other/ bigger aspects- which cannot be regulated.
    We speak of Censorship in Cinema, coz, it is a regulatory factor. Society and its ppl get influenced by multiple factors – other than cinema.

    • Mohit December 31, 2012 at 1:29 PM Reply

      Yep.. True, this is just one of the things that need to change. At the same time, this is one of those changes that is not so tough to implement, and the process for this change should start asap.

  2. sonali December 19, 2013 at 12:37 PM Reply

    Yes, I think you are correct about the impact of cinema on people.
    But, when we say people, we also include the masses, the auto drivers, rickshaw-pullers etc., who in their own relative term are the new market emerging to watch the said cinema. So the movie-makers need to make those kind of movies,
    Yes the content (Item numbers) is sometimes unrelated to the whole story. But that is their point – to provide a ‘break’, because when you constantly watch a movie with just the dialogues it becomes monotonous (however censor board should read the content and end message.)
    however with nudity just to create a hype, I wholly agree, is an unethical practice, and should be reduced, if not stopped completely.

  3. sai January 10, 2014 at 4:26 PM Reply

    I think you are right to some extent…………
    the only difference is that in these days there is no cinema that is useful…….
    the government has not changed any rules for edu. instutions which are known for rote learning……
    so i think sensor board must change its rules such that movies should have certain limits and mainly vulgarity is abolished……..

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