Random Office Conversation: Just for Laughs!

Office conversations can sometimes be too boring, and sometimes hilarious, out of nowhere. One of those epic hilarious conversations is what I thought of sharing for a laugh, maybe:

Part One:
*A technical developer having a voice call conference with the business development manager*
BDM: An XYZ functionality is not working as expected. It looks a bit weird.
Developer: (In an attempt to give a temporary solution) Please press F12.
BDM: Well, nothing happened. I did press F12.
Developer: Umm… Well, the developer mode should open up in the bottom of your browser IE.
BDM: Oh! Wait… Did you mean Function 12?
Developer: (Furious from within) YES!

Part Two:
*The technical developer comes back from the voice call conference to his team*
Developer: You won’t believe what just happened?
Team: What?
Developer: People are so stupid. The so called MBA degree holder Business Development Manager, I asked her to press F12, she is actually typing F 1 2… And later realizes that I asked her to press F12 key.
Team: (laughs out loud)
Developer: MBA Degree hai and dekho kahan pohoch gayi with this stupidity.
One of the members in team: Woh toh MBA karke kahan se kahan pohoch gayi. Aap yahin bhajiya tal rahe ho.
Developer: (Straight Face)
Team: (Laughs out even louder)

It’s amazing how, when sarcasm and humour are mixed together, they speak so much using just a few words.


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