The touch of emotions

What’s the height of emotions?
Love, surprise, care, heartbreak, detachment or something else.

Take a moment to think…

I think it’s that moment when many of them merge, when you have tears of joy in your eyes. If you look back and try to recollect the best moments of Life, it most likely consists of the moments that gave you all these emotions at once, particularly a mix of happiness with a hint of sadness related to a ‘let go’. These are the unforgettable precious moments of Life.

Given further thought, doesn’t these rush of emotions tell you a lot about how you feel about something or someone? Doesn’t it tell you who deserves you and who doesn’t? In short, there seems to be nothing truer than these emotions.

If only we actually did take these emotionally high moments of Life to choose the people who made it happen to stay forever. These moments tell you everything that your Life needs to know to stay happy, which is the ultimate goal. Isn’t it?

More often than not, at the time of moving on from something beautiful to something new, something you’ve always wanted these moments creep in. It would help you make a better life if you’d realise that ‘something beautiful’ is what you really wanted. Hence, the ultimate truth.


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