Political & Governance Mess – India

There are just thousands of examples of so many things that can be done and that is yet not done for the betterment of this country. We have these experiences on a daily basis. Various bills are passed in the parliament that talk about benefiting the poor. Most of them claiming to be investing crores for the implementation of such schemes, which is actually the tax that we pay.

We’ve seen crores spent in various schemes for the benefit of farmers, their land, agriculture as a whole… How much benefit have we seen though? Farmers suicide cases are yet increasing on a year by year basis. Agriculture as an industry isn’t growing enough. Infact, it’s on a downfall. India, known as an agricultural country is facing all sorts of issues in it. There is absolutely no motivation for people to actually think of making agriculture their career goal. Why? Because, bad governance.
Not sure whether the schemes introduced are with right intentions or not at first. but once it’s introduced no one bothers. Implementation is so poor that people are either not aware of the benefits at all OR the process is so tedious and torturing that the person thinks of rather quitting than giving it a try. And worse, there are so many loop holes in the implementation that there is hardly any benefit for the intended people, but for corrupt officials.
Well, issues are bound to be there… but do our leaders have it in them to improvise and make it work effectively is where they are actually tested. Rather, their intentions are tested.
And this is just one example of bad governance, there are thousands of such examples.

One very recent experience which is a classic example of how it’s all only politics and nothing else. Even on a good deed.
We are all aware of minority quotas for college admissions. Its a good thing as long as it is used well and the minorities are actually benefited. But, what happens? There are so many who make up fake certificates to get admissions and worst of all, the one’s who should get those reserved seats are without a seat. Why are they without a seat? Let me tell you what happens…

Many of the minorities have done their schooling from a small town in vernacular language medium schools. They don’t have good colleges in their small town. Hence, they prefer to come to cities like Mumbai for their further studies, i.e. Junior College.
In Mumbai, junior college admissions happen only online nowadays, which is actually less exhausting and well organised. But, only for those who have the knowledge and resources to work through it. It requires kids to collect their login ID and passwords from their respective schools on a certain date during vacations, fill up their online admission forms before even the original mark sheet is distributed to them.
The problem here is… it requires co-operation from schools, which most normal English medium schools give. But, the one’s who have been studying in smaller schools that don’t have much recognition, they have no idea of what is happening and by the time these kids figure out what’s needed to be done, it’s too late. Their schools have no idea of how to help the student and if they do, they are probably not interested in helping. These kids roam around for information from their school to the intended college they wish to study in for information and more often than not, they get half the information which only builds fear into them. College asked him to get his login ID and password details for online admission, while school said they don’t know anything about online admissions. By the time the kid does multiple visits to these places and collates information from various other sources, its too late. Somehow when he does collate all the information, he/she needs help in the online admission process, as computers and internet is new to many of them, yet. There are no centers to help them fill up these forms. Only online FAQ’s, which are good, but not enough.
In short, so many such minority people are unable to register themselves and take advantage of the seats reserved for them. What’s the point of distributing seats when it doesn’t reach the intended people?

Another short example, of the recent Rajdhani Express train accident. Loss of Life. Loss of infrastructure. Loss due to delays and repairs. Loss due to investigation over the incident. A total loss, that runs in multiple crores due to the accident.
What if even 50L was spent on security and quality? The incident wouldn’t have taken place and all of it could have been saved.

Have been through so many debates about how globalization, inflation, increase in crude oil prices and multiple other factors play a role in us indirectly paying additional taxes. Yes, if a company is in loss, changing tax structure, increasing prices is the easiest way to keep the balance sheet in profit. But, is it enough? More importantly, we need to learn to manage what we have and grow within as a country.

Our government hospitals, if they were good enough, we would ourselves prefer visiting them and saving money than being looted by the private players, which would eventually be another source of earning for government.

Management is the key. Governance is the key. Intention is the key. Will to succeed is the key.

After all this thought, the question that really arises and probably doesn’t even need an answer is… “Do out political leaders really want growth of this country? for the people of India?”


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