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The touch of emotions

What’s the height of emotions?
Love, surprise, care, heartbreak, detachment or something else.

Take a moment to think…

I think it’s that moment when many of them merge, when you have tears of joy in your eyes. If you look back and try to recollect the best moments of Life, it most likely consists of the moments that gave you all these emotions at once, particularly a mix of happiness with a hint of sadness related to a ‘let go’. These are the unforgettable precious moments of Life.

Given further thought, doesn’t these rush of emotions tell you a lot about how you feel about something or someone? Doesn’t it tell you who deserves you and who doesn’t? In short, there seems to be nothing truer than these emotions.

If only we actually did take these emotionally high moments of Life to choose the people who made it happen to stay forever. These moments tell you everything that your Life needs to know to stay happy, which is the ultimate goal. Isn’t it?

More often than not, at the time of moving on from something beautiful to something new, something you’ve always wanted these moments creep in. It would help you make a better life if you’d realise that ‘something beautiful’ is what you really wanted. Hence, the ultimate truth.


Life Balances

When you read the title “Life Balances”, the first thing that strikes us, or rather working professionals mind is Work – Life balance, on which numerous articles have been written. Most of us today want a Work – Life balance. No one likes too much work and very little time for Life, family, friends, neither do we like too many useless holidays with nothing to do. Not much discussion required here, Flexi-time is one of the best ways to achieve work-life balance today. Now, that is professional Life, on which you don’t have too much control over.

When we say “Life Balances”, there’s actually more to it than just talking of Work-Life balance. The personal time in our personal space, on which we do have control.
Aren’t you many a times caught up in a situation, where it’s really difficult to decide where to spend the little personal time you have? With friends, lover, family, thoughts, movies, music, sleep, books, hobbies, exercise, skills improvement. There is so much to do. Even if you are sitting idle, it is always because you chose to sit idle at that moment. Or, is it because you are not prepared, you haven’t decided on what to do in that unexpected idle time.
So, the problem is clear. There is a lot to do in the ‘little’ personal time that we get and we have to learn to manage time effectively to make the most of it.

Let me just list down some methods that really help in managing personal space:

  • Define and list down all that you would want to do in the personal time. Everything. Even the ones’ that may not be possible ever.
  • Prioritise your to-do list, depending on what you would want to do. What’s needed.
  • Identify and list down when do you have free time. How much free time. Which time can be used to do which task.
  • Take a note of everything above and plan accordingly.
  • Stick to the plan, when the time comes and defy laziness. (This is tough)
  • If it doesn’t work out for a while, still stick to it. Keep yourself motivated. Make some changes, if needed.

Follow the above for a month and you will realize that you have managed to complete a lot of tasks you would otherwise have missed out on doing, mainly due to poor planning and laziness.
Remember, it’s okay, if it doesn’t go as per plan, because it is not meant to. The motive here is just to be ready for free time, instead of planning free time. Most often, we are not ready for it, as free time usually doesn’t tell you when you are going to be free, unless it’s weekend. And even during weekends we end up saying, “Let’s just see, how things go. Will decide accordingly.”. Instead of pre-planning of what is needed to be done.

Cheers to free, personal space!

Woh jo ishq …

Woh jo ishq na samjhe,
usse marne ki kya hai zarurat.
Woh jo ishq se khelein,
usse jeene ki kya hai zarurat.

Requirement Analysis at First Sight!

Funny title to the post eh!

How does someone have a crush, or like someone, or choose his liking, etc. is something that we always wonder. In-fact, we ourselves are at times just confused and clueless as to why is Person A so special to me while Person B is not so special. Sometimes person B might be looking much better on paper, but you somehow feel for Person A, on what basis, is the question. Whenever you come across such kind of a question about yourself that you yourself cannot answer to directly, it’s time to take a pause, think deep, analyze each and every minute details and find the answer to it. Don’t move forward unless you’ve done that.

Coming to the point of “On What Basis?” … I strongly believe that we all have our requirements laid down involuntarily in our head, the minimum requirements that just have to be fulfilled for a person to stand a chance to be that special person for you. The requirements could be anything, which could depend on looks, personality, stature, career, stability, security, dreams. And each one of the mentioned attributes could be elaborated in countless different ways by each one of us. You’ll never want just one of the above qualities, you’d actually be very specific in your head about the whole package. When am talking about the package it means some details about looks, some details about personality and so on… And these details are bound to be very basic most often.

It won’t take more than a meet or very few meets to at-least be sure that the person fits your minimum requirements. Well, that is what we call love at first sight, when you feel your minimum requirements are met immediately. Once that happens, you may look at the person from a different perspective, always wanting to know more. You’d interact more to be sure if what you thought about in the beginning is true or not, if it’s true then until what extent. And finally, some day sooner or later you’d know if that person is indeed that special person to you or not.

It is not necessary that you will fit into the requirements of  the person that fits into your requirements. Secondly, these requirements change, change with the surroundings, your current state of Life, your past.
Wish, all those reading the post find or have already found the right person. 🙂

That Invisible Wall!

There she was in Love with the one special person she thought would remain forever. The love was immense, it had no limits and boundaries. It was pure. It was the dream she always wanted to live. But, dreams don’t last long. One dine day the alarm rings, it all ends.

There she lies shattered, helpless, broken with no place to hide. She can’t share the pain she has, for no one will understand the depth of it, but her. She lies dead with her heart still beating for a reason that no longer has any meaning. After a while, mind wanting to move on, wanting to forget the past, wanting to live a new dream, wanting to live life again. It though isn’t as easily done. The scars of the heart may not heal completely at all, never. She feels too wounded to be touched again.

It is this phase that am talking about, when, you no longer know what are you doing? Where are you heading towards? All you know is, things need to change, but change is not going to come to you easily. It is this phase when she unintentionally creates a wall in front of her, an invisible wall which is felt only when someone else tries to break it. It is this phase when you spread sadness to your loved one’s unintentionally again, instead of giving them a reason to smile. It is this phase when you are lonely, for no one likes to be with someone who spreads sadness. Such is life. It is this phase which is the toughest to pass through successfully. This is the phase when the decision has to be taken and will power of one is being put to test. If the will power to overcome the scars, the pain is strong enough, it will not be long when she will be ready for a new dream. It won’t be long until she starts living life with an original, natural smile on her face again. But, if the pains win, the scars only get deeper, the roots strengthen, and she enters into an endless tunnel which only shows her a ray of light always. It is this phase when with a little support from her loved one’s and the will power that she can destroy this invisible wall, live her life all over again.

There ain’t no guarantee that it’s going to be all gloomy once you are done with it, but this is how Life is meant to be. The lesser time we waste in overcoming the pains, the more we value our life. Keep smiling. Keep spreading the love.

Before & After Love

Before ♥ :

This is the phase which almost all of us have gone through during our teenage years, i.e. our Adolescence age. This is when philosophies like Love interest us a lot and its for obvious reasons. Today, it attracts more than what it would do earlier, thanks to such powerful communication system that we have today. Especially Social Networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, MySpace. And not to miss out on easy to go access to almost any information you wish to have via Google. Blogs (including this post) are going to increase that “want” to experience and feel the much hyped Love. This is when we in-spite of now knowing how it really feels, are eager to experience it. We see friends around us already enjoying it, we see bogs, quotes, stories, not to forget Movies, romantic songs all of it really the reason for giving the real hype to Love.

When ♥ Happens :

I wouldn’t want to elaborate much on this. Don’t want to spoil the “want” feeling for all those who are in the Before Love stage yet. This is the stage when you are in Love, you feel the world is in your hand. You have a reason to live, you feel special, you feel blessed. You probably relate to all sorts of Romantic movies, songs and hence be glad with seeing that the all of your dreams come true, glad to see your life having a motive and reason to live.

After ♥ :

Well, you may wonder, what does After Love really mean here. It’s some thing that most Love stories go through in reality, Most Love stories start soon and at a certain time reach a point when due to some or the other reasons just End, to an extent that you are no more in talking terms with each other too. OK, I am talking about the ones that end up being with no one, not about those who switch from one lover to another and in fact break-up for the that reason. This is the phase when you suddenly see your dreams(related to living a happy life with someone special) shattered right in front of you and moreover, you are helpless. You may get a promotion, admission in the college you always wanted to go to, be it any great event, the happiness somehow feels weak and not so exciting. And all of it, is only because you don’t see a future, you are so used to being felt special, being an important part of someone’s life, which actually makes you feel blessed and which gives life a new meaning, a reason to live for.

Its strange, how Love really plays an important role in our life. It’s so much a factor for you to live a happy life. Most who have a love story will be already under some sort of a thought process by now. I’d just leave you’ll with this amazing song from a Bollywood movie Dum Maaro Dum which probably describes the After Love part of the post.

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